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Welcome to my grendel lovers page!


For all you grendel lovin people out there I have made a grendel page just for you. You can come here to get cobs related to grendels, download some grendels, and maybe a story about a grendel once in a while.

Looking for some good cobs for your grendels that won't hurt them? Download some of these!


This is a grendel plush doll! It can be used for grendels and norns. It reduces lonliness and boredom.

Download the grendel doll

Instead of having your grendels hit your norns when they mean to kiss them or instead of grendels stealing food when they don't mean to download the Grendel friendly cob. This cob changes a grendel into a 'kind grendel.'

Download Grendel Friendly cob!

Do you ever get annoyed of never being able to moniter your grendels the same way you can your norns because you have more than one grendel? Download the Multi Grendel selector cob to be able to keep track of your grendels.

Download Multi grendel button