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The Capture

One day in Albia the grendel mother shuddered. She hadn't laid an egg in a long time and thought she was done with it. But despite her age a striped egg fell and cracked beneath her.Amidst the egg shell a dark green grendel stood. He turned his head toward the garden and grunted. Born within him was the urge to kill. He pressed the button and waited for the chugging lift.

Her ponytail slapped against her face as Calora ran. She yelped as her friend Myra grabbed her ankle and yanked her down.
"Gotcha Calora!! Tag your it!" The little fox norn said as she started to run.
"Not for long I'm not!" Cried Calora as she started off in search of her friend.
"Calora dear! Time for lunch!" Liz, Calora's mother called from the kitchen.
"Oh!! Do I have to come now?" Calora whined as she slowly made her way to the kitchen.
"Sorry Myra..I'll see you later." She said sadly.
"That's okay. I've got to go anyhow." Myra said cheerfully as she made her way home to the tree house.
Calora watched her friend go and went to her mother. Liz handed her a carrot.
"Eat!" She said. Calora nibbled on her carrot slowly and thought she heard a scream.
"Mom didja hear that?!" Calora said urgently.
"Hear what baby?" Liz said softly.
"That scream! That scream! It it sounded like Myra!" Calora cried as she swung her head toward the tree house.
"I'm going to see if she's okay." She said. She dropped her carrot and started to run off toward the tree house.
"But Calora! What about your lunch?" Liz said annoyed.
"Later mom!" Calora yelled as she ran out of sight. As she approached the lift into the tree house Calora shivered. A deep feeling of dread seeped into her as she pressed the button for the lift. When she was going up into the tree house she glanced up. She saw red cold eyes glaring at her. Wiping her eyes and looking again she saw nothing.
"Must be my imagination." She whispered to herself.
Reaching the tree house she looked around in amazement. All of Myra's things had been strewn all over the place. Her food stash had been stolen and her boom box was slashed and ripped apart. As she was getting ready to explore farther a very cold voice stopped her.
"Hello norn. Have you come to rescue your friend?" Calora spun around and found her looking at the very first grendel she had ever seen.
"Help Calora!" A very weak voice of Myra yelped.
"I have captured your friend. And only if you risk your life will you get her back." The grendel smirked evily and walked into the grendel tree. Calora gulped frightened but she followed him anyhow.

The Capture II will be written soon. :-)


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