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Our norns are your norns!

WELCOME! To our Norn Adoption Center! Feel free to download any or all of our norns! If you download them please remember to take extra special care of them pleeeze! They're our babies! (all of the norns here are currently just for PC users. I will put up norns for mac soon)

Our mother norn! BECKY!!

This is our first norn Becky. We adopted her off the internet. :-) Her health is always 100%. She's part purple mountain, horse, and santa I think. She's a terrific breeder, she's already had 5 babies in my albia. She's our Mother Norn because almost all of our norns present are related to her.
She is 8:00 hours old.

Lovely Catrina!

Catrina is Becky's 3rd baby. The santa norn gene is more present in Catrina than in Becky. Catrina has had 3 babies with Claus. They are available for download below. Catrina's health usually stays around the low 80%s.
Catrina is 5:29 hours old.

Sexy Claus!

This is Claus.
Claus is a REALLY good breeder! I imported him into my world one time and within 10 seconds Becky was pregnant..again. Overall Claus is an excellent eater. His health stays around the upper 80's and lower 90's. He is a pure santa norn.
He is 4:00 hours old.

Sweety Donny!

Donny's his name and kissing's his game. Donny's a real romeo. He got it from his father...Claus. He got his immortality from his mother...Becky. Donny's health is always at 100%. I don't tamper with norn genetics I breed my norns naturally. His green hue is just a result from a special gene from his dad. Donny sometimes explores Albia but most of the time he stays in the garden.
Donny is 1:07 hour old.

Baby boy!

This is Camotts. He's a pow-wow baby. We just adopted him online. He's such a sweet heart though! Anyone who adopts him has to promise to take EXTRA SPECIAL CARE of him! His health is always good. Around the mid 80's. He's a good eater and he's a good kisser. When he grows up he'll probably be a good breeder.
Camotts is 0:30 minutes old.




Dee-Dee, Debbie, Daria. The 3 daughters of Catrina and Claus. Dee-Dee was the first born, Debbie was second, and Daria was last. Dee-Dee and Debbie usually stay in the garden with other norns. Daria likes to explore and play music. Dee-Dee has a slight green tint to her face from the santa norn gene. Dee-Dee's health is 92%, Debbie's is 88%, and Daria's is 87%.
Dee-Dee is 2:16 hours old
Debbie is 1:37 hours old
Daria is 2:08 hours old


Amelia- likes the trumpet, has a slight problem staying away from the fire stove. has a 95% health.


Atlanta- Blue Mountain/Fox mix. 100% health. She has a very sweet personality.


Hermes- Gold Tinted Fox Norn. Has 92% health.


Teesha- 92% health.

Don't forget! You can send us your norns too! It doens't matter if you have mac or windows.
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