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Welcome to Creature World! This site was made by my sister and I. It includes some awesome stories, a norn adoption center, and a photo gallery :-D.

Feel free to sign the guestbook at the end of the page and to visit each of the sites here.

Since we have just made this site it can be improved but only with your help! Our adoption center, photo gallery, and stories sections are not only about our norns! THAT'S TOO BORING! How about contributing your norns and pics as well!

If you send us a copy of your norns than we will be happy to mail back any offspring of the norn. It doens't matter if you have windows or macintosh all norns are welcome!


Smiley Norn!

What's New?

8/17/01 OMG! It's been a long time! I'm going to be updating the site more often now and keep writing stories.

I added 5 of my norns to the adoption center.

Today we started our site. We added the photo album, story page, and adoption center.

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